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Mohali it was. The kings were up against each other. Ashwin was leading PUNJAB against a team which had given him the opportunity to showcase his skills. He performed well for CSK and got into the indian team in 2010.

Now the situation is more or like same for Ashwin he is trying to make a comeback into the Indian side but this time he has not the backing of MS DHONI . But he himself is the boss at kings 11 punjab team. Not only he needs to care about his performances but his team’s as well. 3 games and 2 wins is a great start to his captaincy career in IPL. HE TOO has performed well with the ball., He is trying to evolve with the evolving times.

Now let’s talk about another man who has also received quite a lot of criticism in recent times.- MS DHONI.

Yesterday he played a masterclass of an innings to brinh CSK so close to the target that eventually his team lost the match by 4 runs .

Let us look back at CSK first two matches. The situation was very much the same against MI & KKR. BALLANCE AND BRAVO took CSK over the line in the two matches. But Dhoni was not able to do so. What that shows is it’s not always right to take the game deep. Luck was on CSK’s side when BROVO’s bails were not dislodged and even when he got out JADHAV came and win them the game. In the match agsinag KKR brovo got out to a free hit. But Mohit Sharma kept his cool and bowled just enough balls outside the hitting zone some of MSD.

Two things i infer from this one- not always you will get over the line if u take the game to the last over. 2- DHONI is not the same finisher what be used to be.

Dhoni used to chase this kinda targets 10/10 times but it seems the %age has come down to 20-30%.

Let’s just hope he has enough capabilities in him to bring India’s 2nd world cup in this decade.

We want to see that six again don’t we??.