The book is a good read, it talks about in length about the mind, the body, the soul and the spirit obviously not in the order I have stated here. Before I go any further I would like to tell you that I’m not a big fan of self-help books. Reason- because I feel that these books are like my father who is constantly guiding me.

This book was no different. I was really disappointed after I read the book.

I mean that there are many things which are quite obvious in real life situations but at the same time there are things which are not so obvious.

I would say that after reading the book I’m now able to actually understand a lot more about my body, so the purpose of reading this book is fulfilled.

I would recommend this book to each and every one who really likes to read this genre. But if you are reading it for just the sake of it then you better not read it .

3.25 🌟 for me.



Oh well I had forgotten to review the book here on my blog. ( I don’t know how or why did I forget it). This book has been such a brilliant read for me .I have enjoyed each and every page of this book. I mutm say that when j cimplcomp this book I was very satisfied that I have read a genuinely good story .

The cover of the book looks so good, it’s also in sync with the story .How?  The boy nihal is a pilot and the girl rabani is a biker . Oh nihal and rabani are the main characters .!!. So now that u know the main characters let me tell you about nihal’s best friend Neel. He is a like a brother to him. He never leaves his company . ( Yes they are that close).

The book has covered all the emotions sadness , love,  care etc. The book is about nihal’s mysterious nightmares. But one day when he sews rabani outside a bank he felt a instant connection . Pahli nazar Ka pyar .So he pursues her and succeeds too. Their life was going through smoothly till they find turbulences in their life !. How are they going to come on too of this!. Now you will have to read the book to know the climax . Read it you will not be disappointed .The writing style is also great . Easily understandable. Go for this book. My overall rating would be a 4 🌟.

Pizza religion – REVIEW

This is one of the books for which I was eagerly waiting to read. So as soon as I went to my home during the weekend I got hold of it and started reading it.


But I was in a for a big big surprise.

A surprise that I hadn’t even thought of. The book has so many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that I was really pissed off. And guess what the author has sent me 2 books in exchange of my honest reviews so talital about the 2nd book which I got , it had missing pages and so I was not able to read it.

I can understand the fact that there can b some orintpri errors but this much that a reader has to literally correct the whole sentence and read it accordingly. Anyway it was a new experience for me.

Talking about the book, the concept is too good. The author has done a nice job in bringing the not so good facts of religion. He has made us think that shud v really consider religion as it is or there’s something which v can look to beyond religion .  He has compared religion with humanity. Trust me v all have thought about religion being a burden on us and v have thought about as to how to overcome it. The author has done just that .He has suggested some ways by which v can just ignore our religious beliefs for our better good.


I’ll suggest this book to everyone .N I hope you will get a error free book.

My rating wud b 3.75 🌟.


I have a question for you all !! What do you think about books being made into movies? I personally feel that either a book works or the movie. Both can’t work together. But the book ” CALL ME SAAYA ” has the potential of being made into a blockbuster Bollywood hit.

This book is about shamsher and saaya n their relationship. ( Mind u you will get much more than romance ).

The story begins with introducing shamsher in the intiain few pages. I must admit I found it a bit lengthy but the story picks up pace when saaya was introduced. The book makes a turnaround of sorts after that. I wasn’t able to guess if the two people love each other or ( read the story to find the mystery).  The writing style is excellent. The characters are very well depicted.  The author has done a fantastic job when you consider that it’s the book book written by her. I’m so glad that I got to read it.


Overall my rating wud be a 3.75 / 5 🌟

When broken hearts meet – book review

I won this book in a giveaway on Instagram. I’m not really into romantic novels by indian authors but I decided to take part to see if I can win a book in a giveaway. Luckily I won !. So a huge thank you to the author for sending me the copy.

Now let’s talk about the cover and the title. When I started the book the title made a instant connection to whatever was there in the book. The cover is so beautiful. Again the title and the cover are in sync with each other.

I’m not going to reveal much of the story here. What I’m going to tell us is that the book is about suhaas n Avanti who are in love with each other but they don’t confess it . Why ? Because they had a bad past relationship. Their friends try to be matchmakers but there efforts go in vain. The writing style is as simple as it can be. The characterisation is spot on. To be very honest the story started well but in the middle it slowed down a bit but if we ignore this the book is a great read. Anyone could read it.  My overall rating would be 3.5 🌟

Review- the crowns of croswald!

When I started reading this book I was not able to decipher what’s the book about!. The blurb of the book also didn’t divulge much. It was truly a magical n mystrimyst read.

The author has done such a wonderful job with this book. People are saying this book is for teens n all but anyone who loves magic n extraordinary turn of events wud love this book.

Coming to the book I just loved evy’s character. It’s so beautifully written. She is a maid who is working along with a group of dragons in a house far or rather across the magical world. She dreams of being a part of the magic school.

She really has got no one around who cud listen to her except for her friend rimbrick. He is the one who brings a lot of books for ivy to read.

When ivy was thrown out of the house he helps her to reach her destination.

Ivy didn’t know that her life was going to change dramatically n for her betterment. She crossed the border n joined the magical school. The real fun starts from here. I am not going to reveal much here.

Talking about the magical world I would say that the author has given me new dreaming goals. Such powerful world building.

The writing style is simple n easy to understand after I guess intimal few pages.( I dint really understood the first few pages).

Overall I wud say read this book if u love magic . Rating 5 🌟


This book is great read for engineers. It will help them a great deal if they want to set up a hydro project. No no I’m kidding. But trust me this book has a lot of technicalities in it. Few chschapt are really boring because  it unnecessarily talks about the dam project only. But this aside the book is a gud read.

But hey the book doesn’t start like start it’s really a pacey read for the first 100 pages or so where they disclose the identity of the 3 main characters of The book.

So the book’s main part is set in the backdrop of DHAULADHAR ( as u wud have known by now from the title of the book). The three characters of the book come across each other at the site of the hydro project. Each one has a dark past n they don’t share it with anyone.

Did I tell u about who are these people of so sorry my bad!!. They are Nanda  khusru n rekha .

Nanda is an civil engineer n he is running from the law  .

Khusaro is a kashmiri lad who is a wanted man not only in india but in pakistan too.

Rekha is a a doctor n a world famous dancer.

The author has done a very gud job in elaborating the characters. The way he make us delve in their past life will keep u hooked to the book.

The language is simple n beautiful.

Overall I’ll give this book 3.5 🌟.

Please do forgive me of u think the review is not upto the mark as i have just started posting reviews seriously. Hopefully I’ll get better with time.